Project Overview

The AJC Global Forum is an annual international large scale convention. in 2018 it was held in Jerusalem,  the first time outside the US. During the 4 day convention, 2000 delegates from all over the world, took part in tours, lectures, panel discussions and meetings with diplomats and politicians. Every evening all the participants gathered at the ICCJ for the main plenary.


The Challenge

  • Full stills and video coverage

  • Document multiple events simultaneously in different locations

  • Real time social media uploads from every event.

  • Daily edited videos

  • A closing video to summarize the 4 days, that had to be presented on the last day

The means

  • A Broadcast Van, with 4 technicians, 4 camera operators, director and producer

  • On location 6 channel full HD recording server

  • On location editing room with 4 workstations and a central server

  • 4 video editors and a post producer working in shifts around the clock

  • 5 videographers in various locations

  • ENG crew for interviews and soundbites

  • Stills crew including 3 photographers, 2 editing workstations and crew manager



Final Summary

  • 29 crew members

  • 20 editing shifts

  • 6000 GB of stills and video materials

  • 1200 photos that were uploaded live throughout the forum

  • 39 daily videos including lower thirds, animated graphics and translation

  • 1 closing video including footage from 3 hours before the final screening

AJC Global Forum Closing Video

Stills Gallery

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